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ZGames : Video Game Development Studio

With the booming game development industry, companies are investing large amounts of money in releasing prime entertainment into the market with the help of an experienced game development team. zGames has been in the game for since 2008 and employs a team of seasoned artists, game developers, mobile developers, UI designers, project managers and QA engineers. The studio employs unique problem solving techniques with highly entertaining and an educational approach to reach quality rich, interactive and captivating user experience. The team has 40+ professionals working to enrich and provide support in the fields of gaming, education, corporate and advertising fields and also develop highly entertaining and innovating games from scratch. The company boasts a portfolio which features a tie up with multiple successful clients from Europe and the US including big names such as Taito corporation, Atari and Big Fish, Samsung, PlayStation and SEGA.

Services Offered 

zGames provides a one stop shop to offer top quality services and expert guidance to its customers which covers a wide range from design documentation, functional and non functional requirement specification, design sketching and prototyping, game development with optimized and quality testing and assurance, performance optimisation with usability testing, a pre-release version along with finally submitting the app to the application stores. They are provide support and maintenance after the game release.


The company keeps in sync with the evolving industry and always stayed updated with the latest in software and hardware products, experimenting in the latest fads to unleash and innovate new levels of gaming experience. The team also indulges in augmented reality techniques, two dimensional and three dimensional modelling, realization of complex game mechanics, provide in-app purchases and engagement techniques, asynchronous multiplayer modes, a full cycle web backend development, provide help and support for third party services integration along with push notifications, integration with gambling platforms, social network integration along with advertising frameworks and visual and sound effects.

For clients seeking to unlock their full potential with advanced hardware and software technologies, zGames is the ideal partner. The company has unrivalled domain expertise in augmented reality, educational and promotional games, casual games, highly riveting role playing games, action, arcades and action packed adventures, creating mobile games with social features and infusing games with gambling mechanics. The gaming team are constantly honing their technical and engineering skills during every contract engagement along with in-house development.

zGames has earned a name for itself in the industry along with the trust of many game giants and continues to produce memorable releases every year.

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