Dedicated development team

Dedicated development team


Embracing dedicated software development team strategy for the production of modern custom software is an inevitable option for any organization wishing to make the best out of the stipulated budget. This is because outsourcing for a dedicated development team is the surest way of enhancing a cost-effective and extended way of assigning development resources (skills, personnel, and equipment) to achieve a unique domain.
HQSoftware offers exclusive, full-time dedicated technical staff for clients on a long-term basis. Seeking for dedicated software development teams implies that all your needs will be handled effectively, quickly and with much lower cost as compared to how it would have cost when in-house resources would have been implemented. Sourcing for dedicated development teams makes you motivated to the development process while giving you a peace of mind and enjoying the all-time availability of support and resources as well as the flexibility it comes along with.

What you actually get from a Dedicated Development Team

The success of any project lies on how well the project manager is going to pump in some extra efforts within the merits of creation. That is the most crucial thing to have in mind when sourcing for such teams.

HQSoftware has well-experienced project managers judging from the hundreds of projects they have worked for. This makes them have the right knowledge required to formulate super realistic plans, do a follow up all through the entire project creation process and report back with a well-baked output from the developers. Quality is assured since every one of them is qualified and has the right technical skills capable of meeting your specific project requirements.

Your ultimate benefits:

– Flexibility. Everything goes on well just as your plan stipulates and in the case of a change, the team handles it dynamically without much strain – everything is there when you need it.
– Saves you the trouble of hiring, training as well as curbing major administrative employee-related expenses.
– It channels your efforts to the project management and not the tedious personnel management.
– It follows an efficient workflow order which gives you much clarity on the progress of the project owing to the fact that it is being handled by a dedicated team of developers whose efforts are being controlled by a team leader.
– It ensures great delivery of projects and in time.

Why HQSoftware Dedicated development team

– State of the art machines and software. No redundancy whatsoever.
– Extensive technical experience in offshore custom software development firm we have performed before.
– High client retention rate. Most of our clients usually come back, with friends. You are probably going to come back for more due to satisfactory services you are going to experience with us.
– The well-organized environmental structure which ensures that each module is being handled by a professional in that field.
– We are just the best! Well, we don’t usually brag a lot about it but our clients are the testimonial to this.
Seeking for custom software for your company is one step in achieving your organizational goals. Outsourcing from a dedicated development team is the final stretch. Be privileged to have the best team working exclusively for you – let HQSoftware dedicated development team take you there
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